Program Overview

What is the FedPROPEL Institute?
How does FedPROPEL differ from other programs?


Who is The FedPROPEL Institute’s target demographic?
Is The FedPROPEL Institute only for minority entrepreneurs or minority-led firms?
Can existing federal contractors participate in The FedPROPEL Institute?
I am a sole proprietor; can I join the FedPROPEL program?
What is the minimum revenue requirement for participation?

Program Details

How long is the program?
How is the program structured?
How long are the training sessions, and when are firms able to have individual advisory sessions?
Do I have to travel to DC to participate in the training or coaching sessions?
How does the program track progress?
Does FedPROPEL have access to professional organizations?
Are there other networking opportunities?
Are there additional services available to participants?
Does the FedPROPEL Institute cover state and local government contracting?
Does FedPROPEL offer a la carte training and/or advisory services?
Is there a list of consultants working with the program?

Program Costs & Fees

What is the cost of participating in the program?
How much of the program costs will a participant have to pay?

Our Commitment

Does FedPROPEL guarantee contracts after program completion?
What if a firm does not secure a new federal contract?

How To Apply

How do I apply?
When is the next cohort opening?
How do I find out more about the program?