1.7%. Even though African Americans make up nearly 14.2% of America's population, their firms only receive 1.7% of federal contracts. The numbers are similar for the Hispanic/Latinx community where 18.7% of the population receives 1.8% of contracts.

When 33% of the population receives less than 3.5% of the contracts, there is a substantial disconnect in the system. The FedPROPEL Institute was created to change this.

FedPROPEL Vision 2030

Over the next decade, the FedPROPEL Institute mission is to assist 5,000 minority-led firms in becoming elite Federal Contractors securing in excess of $7.5 billion in contracts annually while creating thousands of jobs in their communities.

Program Overview

The FedPROPEL Institute provides minority-led firms from under resourced communities with the wherewithal to successfully access the world of Federal government contracting.

Why FedPROPEL exists

The Biden Administration has a stated goal of increasing federal contracting spend to small businesses 50% by 2025 – with a focus on African American and Hispanic/Latinx-led firms. However, there isn’t a scalable solution to prepare the next generation of minority entrepreneurs to access these opportunities. FedPROPEL fills that gap.

What FedPROPEL does

FedPROPEL uses a bifurcated model to prepare firms to secure 5% of that increase. Leveraging a web-based platform and an extensive partner network, FedPROPEL pairs interactive group training with individual consulting services to deliver transformative organizational development. By 2030, FedPROPEL projects its graduates will create 120,000 to 150,000 direct and indirect living wage jobs.

How FedPROPEL differs

Understanding the financial burdens faced by firms in our target market, FedPROPEL employs an innovative deferred cost solution. Firms pay a nominal deposit, and the program covers the rest until they win a contract. Our goal is to reduce the upfront investment necessary to win a federal contract by 18-months and $100,000 increasing our participants' ability to invest in their companies and communities.

Faster. Farther. Together.

FedPROPEL Business Enhancement Program
Business Enhancement
FedPROPEL is designed to improve your business’s overall sustainability with a focus on the federal marketplace.
FedPROPEL Focused networking
Focused Networking
Access to FedPROPEL’s growing network of coaches, sponsors, industry partners, and members committed to helping you win.
FedPROPEL Cohort Training Model
Cohort Training Model
Interactive group sessions led by dynamic instructors that provide practical and peer learning opportunities.
FedPROPEL Outcomes Focused
Outcomes Focused
Companies don’t pay for services until after they win a contract. After deposit, participants receive recoverable grants to cover program costs.
FedPROPEL Bespoke Services
Bespoke Services
Participants receive up to 150 hours of One-on-One Coaching and advisory services specific to their firm’s individual needs.
FedPROPEL Live Virtual Learning
Live Virtual Learning
Comprehensive modular curriculum delivered by subject matter experts covering the business fundamentals of executing in the federal marketplace.

The FedPROPEL Effect

Man contemplating FedPropel Business Development Program

FedPROPEL mitigates uncertainty

Through our robust accelerator, FedPROPEL provides the knowledge needed to identify, vet, win and profitably execute federal contracts.

FedPROPEL mitigates barriers

Our technical assistance prepares firms to become elite federal contractors. The deferred cost model provides non-dilutive capital – investing in their success ahead of our own.

FedPROPEL mitigates risk

Our partners (MMC, NCMA, DTS) are industry leaders. As a result, procurement offices will have comfort knowing that FedPROPEL graduates are ready to deliver.


FedPROPEL Partners

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